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Project Management

From project development through construction, strong project management is critical to the success of every project. Early engagement of an experienced project manager can incorporate lessons learned from previous renewable energy projects to minimize risk, reduce costs and increase investor returns. MEM has a proven track record of efficiently managing projects from development and financial close, through construction and into commercial operations, even in new, first of kind markets.

Renewable Energy Project Engineering

Matching plant technology to project renewable energy resources is at the core of optimizing energy production. MEM has a strong track record of successful site hunting, performing resource assessments and analysis of energy production in emerging markets.

Project Design and Bankability

Modern Energy Management’s experience in bringing projects from concept to financial close is a distinct asset to our clients. The fact that we work with lenders as well as equity investors, and have real world experience in bringing projects to financial close means that we are uniquely suited to advise on and meet project Lender and Equity Investor’s requirements for  “bankable”, non-recourse project finance. Our expertise in this area means faster time to financial close and in many cases, more competitive cost of capital due to decreased project uncertainties and risk.

Wind Engineering

Matching wind resources to the placement of the ideal wind turbine is the core of optimizing the wind project developer’s production.

Project Due Diligence

Any major acquisition of a renewable energy asset should be accompanied by thorough risk analysis from the best minds in the industry. Modern Energy Management goes beyond a mere “academic” assessment of a project. Our team is uniquely qualified with real world experience designing, building and operating renewable energy plants globally, specialising in emerging markets. This give us an advantage in assessing the true status of an asset: potential deferred maintenance issues, opportunities to optimise energy yield, and assessment of operational lifetime expectancy.

Risk Management and Interface Management

The success of every phase of renewable energy projects is determined by effective risk management. With numerous commercial and technical interfaces, the risk profile of renewable energy projects is more dynamic than conventional power. MEM has a proven track record of successful risk management, bringing projects in on time and on budget in emerging markets.

Asset Management

Renewable energy projects are unique in their commercial complexity. Due to the variability of production, owners typically don’t know how much revenue has been lost until production and yield analysis has been performed by skilled, experienced experts, typically after a year or more of operations data has been collected. Due to MEM’s experience, we are uniquely suited to increase project cash flows.

Value Engineering

Every project is unique in both design and risk profile. “Standard” design specifications typically lead to overbuild in areas where it is not required, and do not adequately address areas that present risk to construction and operations. MEM has a track record of balancing the reduction of project cost and risk effectively.

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